Sample of Topics offered in the Past

Breakout Sessions (Choose one to attend)

A Healthy Officer: Fitness & Nutrition In Law Enforcement - Spicewood I-III

Breaking The Silence: Suicide Prevention In Law Enforcement - Val Verde

The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program - Cap Rock I-III

Becoming A Liaison Officer for C.O.P.S. - International I

Injured Officer: Life & Marriage After A Critical Incident - International II

Transitioning To Retirement - International III

Raising Children In A Law Enforcement Home - International IV

A Peer Based Approach To Building Resilience In Law Enforcement - Spicewood I-IIII

Protecting Your Six: In An Age of False Narratives, Negative Stereotypes, & Monday Morning Quarterbacks - Val Verde

Using Peer Support To Combat Suicide - Cap Rock I-III

Surviving Your Spouses Career - International I

Building Financial Strength In Police Families – Part One - International II

Unmanaged Anger - International III

Sirens To Serenity: Making The Transition From Work To Home - International IV

Breakout Sessions (Choose one to attend)

Below 100 For Law Enforcement Families - Spicewood I-III

Overcoming Grief - Val Verde

Handling Inter-Department Conflict: It Feels Like My Department Is Falling Apart - Cap Rock I-III

Policing The Nation With Tired Cops - International I

Building Financial Strength In Police Families – Part Two - International II

Chaplaincy In A Post Modern World - International III

Restoring Broken Relationships - International IV

You are invited to participate in the Silent Auction taking place during the 2018 National Conference on Law Enforcement Wellness and Trauma. The auction will take place on Thursday through Saturday. All attendees are invited to visit the Silent Auction space to view the items and to place bids. The Silent Auction will close on Saturday and the winning bidders will be posted that evening at Law Enforcement Appreciation Night. Winners will be able to pay by cash, check or credit card.


We hope you will consider bringing an item with you to the conference to be donated to the silent auction. 100% of the proceeds raised will go to C.O.P.S. to help fund the National Conference on Law Enforcement Wellness & Trauma in the future!


Here is how you can participate, if you choose:

 Get creative! Contribute something that is well-known from your state (example: Memphis is known for its barbecue – a basket with barbecue items would be an idea.) Other items that have sold well in other auctions are gift baskets, wine, gift certificates, electronic equipment, artwork, jewelry, golf items, sports team apparel, etc.

 Law enforcement items or items from your own department.

 Many businesses will donate items or gift certificates for these types of events. Don’t hesitate to ask for a donation from businesses you frequent.


This is a voluntary silent auction. Please don’t feel pressured to bring an item or to bid on items. However, at other events, many people have had a great time bringing creative items to have auctioned and/or bidding on special items at the auction!


If you choose to donate an item to the auction, please bring it with you to the registration desk and give it to the staff letting them know it is for the silent auction.


We look forward to seeing you at the C.O.P.S. National Conference on Law Enforcement

Wellness & Trauma.



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